From helping build legendary surf brand Quiksilver, to being a founding partner at Hawaiian footwear company Olukai, Dan McInerny knows a few things about the surf industry and how to build businesses.

In this episode of the BHP, we talk business strategy, brand building, the power and importance of people skills, the lost art of face to face contact, and how capitalist companies can make a positive impact on their communities – not just their bottom line.

Steeped in Hawaiian culture and tradition, Dan’s message is inspiring and empowering. Live your “Pono”, give back, be good to yourself, your environment and your fellow humans.


Show notes

  • From the School of Hard Knocks to building start-ups, Dan shares his beginnings in the action sports world. (5:32)
  • “We kept it real.” Integrity and the contact sport of face to face partnerships that helped build the Quiksilver empire.  (9:20)
  • How to think globally but act locally in business and our personal lives. (11:32)
  • Lessons learned from Ocean Beach, CA and the most impactful wave Dan has ever ridden. (14:00)
  • Why it is so important to give back to our employees and communities. The significance of becoming a B Corp. (18:40)
  • True to course. The meaning and focus behind the Ama OluKai Foundation. (22:58)
  • The importance of Aloha. The responsibility of creating greater awareness around the community. (26:28)
  • The Olukai message of Aloha anywhere and doing the right thing. (31:10)
  • Live your values, “Be pono”, a Hawaiian word that translates to righteous purpose (35:18)
  • Archie Kalepa and the Hawaiian method of sailing without modern navigational tools. (39:30)
  • Dan’s Tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter –
    • Introduce yourself to someone you haven’t met before in your community
    • Set an example from home. (43:10)

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