Dishonesty stems from fear.

I challenge you to investigate your own expressions, to think about the times you are, or have been, dishonest.

Think about the times you’ve held back, played small, or flat out held in your truth(s)

Why do we do it?

I’ll argue that – unless we’re sinister beings, which I’m assuming you are not – the answer is fear.

Fear of what the truth might mean.

Fear of not being understood.

Fear of not liking the outcome.

Fear of conflict or confrontation.

Fear the recipient’s reaction.

We could go on and on…

If we have no fear of the outcome, we have no reason to be dishonest in our actions.

When we allow fear to dictate our actions, words or expressions, we fail to be our authentic selves.

Instead of yielding to fear, let’s give voice to what lies within.

By holding back, we remain partial.

Those who overcome their fear, giving voice to what lies within, experience authentic connection, truth, love, and yes, sometimes pain.

But when we prevent ourselves from being authentic, we remove any possibility of being whole.

It’s not only our choice of words that belie our truest selves…

These fears influence what we wear, what we say, what we do, and how we move through the world.

We are whole when we pursue our authentic path. To cheat ourselves of this existence is heartbreaking.

All progress start with the truth.

And this simple statement, all progress start with the truth, is the spark that can ignite a blazing inferno of growth.

If we’re courage enough to confront that which we fear, if we’re willing to explore WHY we feel compelled to be dishonest, we have endless opportunities for growth.

A lack of honesty – with ourselves, or others – stalls our development.

Where – and WHY – are we being dishonest?

All progress starts with the truth.