When it comes to understanding how our minds and bodies perform, very few people know as much as Dr. Mark Cheng.

He’s a licensed acupuncturist, the creator of Beachbody’s #TaiCheng workout program, the creator of K3 Combat systems, and he’s a Master Instructor for StrongFirst (the leading Kettlebell training system) – and that’s not even his full resume!

Through a lifetime of passion, learning, honing, refining, and distilling methods and practices of both the western and eastern world, Dr. Mark Cheng has developed a system that helps everyone from the office jock to top performing athletes and c-suite executives to move better, perform better, feel better with less pain, while achieving faster and shorter recovery times, and at the end of the day living better lives.

This is a great episode of the Better Human Project podcast and, you will find it loaded with strategies and tools to empower you to move to feel & live better.

(Some of) What you’ll hear:

  • Why everyone should have a roadmap for how to conduct themselves
  • Dr. Mark’s 3 questions that guide his decision making processes
  • Can every rep really be rehabilitative?
  • Why you MUST understand the difference between Training and Testing
  • Stop doing the same thing all the time! (And how to properly rotate your activities)
  • Push the envelope – but don’t tear it
  • The relationship between tension and strength – and the importance of learning to master it
  • The importance of developing a depth of self-knowledge
  • Dr. Mark Cheng’s Top Tips to
    • BE Better
    • DO Better

PRESS PLAY to TUNE IN to this great episode.

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