Our guest this week is Dr. Mark Cucuzella – a man with more talents and accolades than we can easily fit into an opening sentence.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Dr. Cucuzella is a professor at WVU School of Medicine
  • He’s also a practicing physician and is responsible for the removal of sugar from WVU hospitals
  • He’s a competitive runner with over 100 marathon and ultramarathon finishes
  • Mark opened the nation’s first minimalist shoe store, Two River Treads in Ranson, West Virginia
  • He designed the Air Force’s Efficient Running Project to promote healthier and better running
  • And he’s the author of Run For Your Life, a book about, you guessed, running better & healthier

PRESS PLAY to tune into our conversation about eating less sugar, educating the public, creating institutional change, running better, and of course, minimalist shoes.

In This Episode:

  • Meet “the man who removed sugar from WVU hospitals” (not a single soda in the drink machines!)
  • The best 5-Minute Crash Course in Sugar Metabolism you’ll ever hear
  • Using Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) for personal and coaching purposes
  • No coincidence: the most obese states are also the least educated
    • Making education accessible in order to affect change
  • What it really takes to drive institutional change
  • Movement, natural running and why most people “run wrong” (+ what to do instead!)
  • The problem with most footwear and what to look for when choosing your shoes
  • Building and leading incredible teams and business
  • Using Elastic Recoil: Mark shares a few tips from Run For Your Life to help us run better and healthier
  • Dr. Mark’s Top Tips to:
    • Be Better
    • Do Better


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