Dr. Rhonda Patrick has been a guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast and is quickly building a large following and making a name for herself as the expert who can break geeky science down into easy-to-implement strategies for high performance seekers like us. Here are the highlights from our chat…

Last week, I was luck to be able to chat with Dr. Rhonda Patrick for a little over an hour on the Optimal Performance Podcast. You can see the entire video HERE. And of course SUBSCRIBE to the OPP HERE!


Here are some highlights:

  • Inflammation is early cell death and accelerates the aging process. Decreasing inflammation is the number one to slow the aging process and increase longevity.
  • Antioxidants (Vitamins C, E, etc) taken immediately after workouts or during a fasting window can actually HINDER the body’s positive hormetic repsonse. (Hormesis is the process low-dose exposure to stress induces a positive response – aka, that which doesn’t kill you…really does make you stronger!). Turns out icing and taking NSAIDs after workouts also have negative effects on GAINZ!
  • The lectins that cause some experts to avoid beans aren’t that evil. Turns out beans are IN! Eat TONS of vegetables, seek a wide variety (not just the same ones every day!) and include beans.
  • SSRIs (common anxiety or anti-depression medicines) can actually have NEGATIVE LONG TERM effects on your health as they alter your brains chemistry.
  • SAUNAS are excellent for recovery, longevity and more. And they’re better than cyrotherapy, so skip the human popsicle tank unless you’re an elite athlete.

Remember, see the full interview on the OPP HERE!


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