The incomparable Dr. Russell Jaffe joins us on the Better Human Project this week.

Mentored by the highest ranking Buddhists, Dr. Jaffe has enjoyed unique successes in science, medicine, and integrative/holistic healing, serving as a senior scientist at the NIH for 19 years before walking away to blaze his own path and become a pioneer in what we call functional or integrative medicine.

We’re excited to share this episode with you, as Dr. Jaffe is one of the most fascinating people I’ve met, and in this nearly 90-minute podcast recording, his depth and breadth of wisdom is on full display.

We talk about the shortcomings of traditional medicine, serious skepticism, being proactive with our health and longevity – including the 8 predictive biomarkers to measure and monitor – buddhism, balancing science and spirituality, mindfulness and much more.

Symptom suppression is not the answer, sick care is not the same thing as health care, and treating disease is not the same thing as treating people. – Dr. Russell Jaffe

Don’t you wish every doctor – especially your doctor – prescribed to this philosophy?

TUNE IN for one of the most in-depth and inspiring conversations in which I’ve been fortunate to participate.

Show Notes

  • What we need to know in order to survive – and thrive in – the 21st century
  • The shortcoming of traditional medicine and how to approach holistic health care
  • Being a serious skeptic, finding mentors, and being open minded
  • The 8 Predictive Biomarkers for Lifetime Health
    • Why mainstream medicine doesn’t measure or monitor these
    • How we can measure & monitor them
  • The Epigenetic Expression Rule: 8% Genetics / 92% our choices
  • What do the powers that be know, that society as a whole does not know?
  • Balancing science and scripture
  • Lessons learned from the Dali Lama and other Buddhist leaders
  • Rapid Fire:
    • The best advice Dr. Jaffe has been given
    • What does it mean to you to be strong/healthy?
    • What have you changed your mind about in the last 6 months?
  • #1 Tip to
    • Be better
    • Do Better

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