Dr. Theresa Larson is a wife, mother, 2x business owner, author, athlete, United States Marine Corps Veteran, Doctor of Physical Therapy, CSCS certified strength coach, adventure seeker, and warrior.

I sat down with Dr. Larson after her keynote at the recent Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) Conference in Norfolk, Virginia where we discussed how to adapt and overcome adversity, tactics to rewire our brain, the importance of space and stillness, simple mobility fixes for common knee and back pain issues, and developing inner strength.

Show Notes Ep. 22 – Dr. Theresa Larson

  • The difference between Tactical Strength and Conditioning vs. “regular” fitness? (6:00)
  • What is an adaptive athlete and the #1 lesson we can all learn from their mindset? (8:35)
  • True strength, taking ownership of our own health. (12:00)
  • The practices Theresa uses in her own life to “stay above baseline”. (13:28)
  • Tactics to rewire our behaviors (aka our monkey brain). (18:43)
  • The underlying insecurity of being tough. (28:00)
  • What are the common misconceptions of knee and back pain? (32:10)
  • Why we must know our audience. (35:55)
  • Do THIS right now to assess and fix your ankle mobility. (40:00)
  • What do YOU enjoy doing? Ways to challenge yourself and FIND your purpose in life. (41:18)
  • The focus you have over time that will help you succeed. Why you should surround yourself with like minded people with the same vision to create IMPACT. (48:15)
  • Theresa’s Tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human being: (55:30)
    • Get up and spend at least 10 minutes to yourself.
    • Meet people where they are at.

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