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VIDEO #1: Define Your Values

If there can only be ONE takeaway from F*ck Your Feelings, I would want that to be this: “high performers align their choices with their values”. This is nearly impossible if we have not clearly identified those values. Here’s a simple, yet powerful guide to defining your own values.


VIDEO #2: Act As If (Be That Person)

Now that we know who we want to be, the question becomes: who or what is preventing us from being that person right now? This video also walks you through one of my favorite trick to remind ourselves daily to be that version of us.

VIDEO #3: Choice Architecture

In this video we’ll break down a proven success strategy that
behavioral psychologists call “Ulysses Pacts” and look at ways
you can leverage this mindset trick to make better choices
and improve discipline & consistency.

How To Elevate Your Social Circles

This has been THE most-asked question from readers of F*ck Your Feelings.
So much so, that I did a podcast episode on it.
Here is the blog post & podcast episode that expands on that topic from the book.

Better Human Project Health Leadership Mindset

BHP Shorts 047: Elevating Our Social Circles

If there is anything else from the book that you’re looking for and haven’t found here,
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