Today’s guest is Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and he could be the next mayor of New York City.

As he gears up for the 2021 Mayoral Election, Eric is currently serving his second term as Brooklyn Borough President (the first person of color elected to this position), has served 4 terms as a New York State Senator from 2006-2013, and prior to that, served 22 years in the NYPD.

In 2016, Eric was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which cost him his vision in his left eye and caused nerve damage in his hands and feet. He went against the initial recommendations of his doctors to go on insulin and instead pursued diet and lifestyle interventions. Within three months, Eric reversed his diabetes diagnosis, and he has subsequently been able to impact the health of countless New Yorkers facing chronic diseases.

In this fast paced episode, we cover as much ground as possible in 30 minutes – ranging from Eric’s decision to eschew insulin and traditional diabetes treatments, to individual and societal behavior change, the power of communication and understanding, and Eric’s vision for the future of New York City.

In This Episode:

  • Could Eric’s personal health journey make all of New York City healthier?
  • Tackling behavior change on an individual and societal level
  • Responding to challenges, overcoming adversity, and showing up for our neighbors
  • Why communication and understanding matters – and how Eric says it can prevent recurrences of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting
  • Running for mayor in 2021 & Eric’s vision for New York

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