I’m fascinated by what motivates and drives us.

Not in the sense of #MondayMotivation but MOTIVE, as in, why do we do what we do?

In most instances, I’ve found that our actions can be distilled down into one of 2 categories: fear or love.

Show me an action and I’ll bet we can trace it’s motive back to either fear or love.

So the developmental, or integrative question becomes: am I operating out of fear or love?

  1. Our best selves, the version of us that we want to be operates out of love.
  2. The version of us that we hide, chastise, loathe, etc: operates out of some type of fear.
  3. It’s important to note that we all fall into both categories. None of us exists solely in one place or on one side of this continuum – it’s a dynamic thing and our mission is to stay ever-vigilant (aware) as we view ourselves from that witness/objective viewpoint. I’ve found that asking this question is a very easy way to check in with something very complex and crucial: Am I operating out fear or love?

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