This past weekend, Adam Linkenauger and I held another Freak Athlete Certification – and just like the last one, it was amazing!

We had a great mix of local athletes and long-distance travelers. Some came from as far away as Seattle WA, Austin TX, Maine, and we even Europe – a Euro League Pro basketball player!

I want to share some of the highlight with you, so enjoy…


**Friday morning was spent learning the Squat movement pattern as you saw in the video above.

The video footage will be included as a BONUS in the upcoming 7 Squat Secrets!

Friday afternoon was similar, only we worked on Bench Press, instead of Squats. Every single athlete HIT A NEW MAX!

Friday night included another surprise – a VIP suite at the Salem Red Sox baseball game, and 6 lucky athletes were able to get on the field for some crowd pleasing entertainment between innings – dizzy bat races have never seen such FREAK athletes!

Saturday morning included the traditional House Of Strength Strongman Saturday – check it out:


Awesome athletes, awesome weekend. Each athlete learned more in one weekend than they learned in all their previous experiences. All left jumping higher, lifting more weight, eating better, and with a mindset that they cannot fail!

The roadmap to success has been delivered. Do YOU have yours?