Fund Good Jobs is a non-profit, impact investment firm focused on creating jobs and economic opportunity for the San Francisco and Oakland area inner cities.

You read that correctly – they’re a non-profit investment firm. We like to call them Renegade VC’s.

You may recognize a few of their higher profile, successful investments: Blue Bottle Coffee, Impact Hub-Oakland, and Numi teas.

Sean, Rasheed, Kot and the rest of the Fund Good Jobs team are truly working to be better humans and do better for their community as they invest in education, employment, and infrastructure for the people and businesses striving to do more.

What You’ll Learn About Business, Investing, and Entrepreneurship from the Fund Good Jobs crew on the Better Human Project:

  • Meet the team from ICA Fund Good Jobs: Sean Daniel Murphy, CEO; Rasheed Mitchell, Investment Associate and Kot Hordynski, Director of Marketing & Impact  (4:03)
  • How ICA is pairing up small businesses with impact investors to create greater economic activities for families in the Bay Area. (6:01)
  • From bike messenger to Director of Marketing and Impact. How to land your dream job and profit from your passion. (9:11)
  • The renegade VC approach: betting on people. (10:45)
  • How ICA has impacted the San Francisco Bay Area through their investments (13:15)
  • Why capital is not as important as many new businesses think, and what you really need to know about investing.(17:30)
  • The #1 way ICA mitigates risk and protects the positive outcome of any mission. (21:02)
  • Why charity is so important to ICA. (24:20)
  • What makes ICA Fund Good Jobs stand alone as the top non-profit VC group? (26:35)
  • How can we measure truly impact?. (28:03)
  • Your success and/or failure has a far greater impact than the employees that work there. When is it the right time to invest or accept funding? (34:15)
  • How ICA helps entrepreneurs overcome their 2 biggest hurdles: managing cash and managing people. (38:48)
  • Profit is an opinion, cash is a fact
  • How to identify the areas you need help/don’t understand and seek advice/ask questions
  • The importance of social capital and its impact on people’s lives. Why we need to “build the ecosystem” by getting out and talking to people. (50:14)
  • ICA’s Top Tip to Be a better human: (54:58)
    • Having empathy and being relentless
    • Listening more than you speak and trusting your instincts
    • Taking more chances on people and to keep things in perspective

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