A thought leader in innovation and creativity, Gary Bertwistle is a speaker, writer, and co-founder of the Tour de Cure, whose career has spanned retail, music, radio, and now grass-fed farming.

He’s a 3-time speaker of the year (2007, 2008, 2012) and he’s Australian, so everything he says sounds 35% cooler.

Gary co-hosts the Mojo Radio Show Podcast, where I’ve twice been a guest. Our cracking conversations always leave me wanting to spend more time with Gary and his cohost Robo, so it’s a real pleasure to have Gary on the Better Human Project to discuss:

  • Raising more than $30 Million for kids with cancer
  • Co-founding an event and brand like the Tour de Cure
  • Speaking around the world and changing thousands (if not millions) of lives
  • Inspiration, innovation, and creativity
  • And much more

Gary is truly a stellar human being. We’re excited to share this one with you.

Show Notes Ep. 30 – How to Stay the Course with Gary Bertwistle

  • Inside the life of an Australian grass-fed farmer (3:58)
  • The 3-5-10 Year Exercise that changed Gary’s life. (10:30)
  • Struggling to find your WHY? Listen to this. (19:45)
  • How Gary raised more than $30 Million for kids with cancer through his Tour de Cure
  • Creating a BRAND that people trust support. (29:40)
  • Making sure charitable contributions actually go to the right place (32:20)
  • Gary’s personal link to cancer (38:50)
  • “Unlock your next cracking thought” with the thought provoking The Mojo Journal – a practical guide to #StaytheCourse (41:22) <— TUNE IN to see how you can win your own Mojo Journal!
  • Gary’s final keynote: what he would say and why (46:33)
  • The best advice Gary has been given (48:37)
  • What is the most memorable interview that he has been able to do through his podcast? (49:18)
  • Gary’s tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter: (54:07)
    • Always carry a pencil and paper.
    • Unless you make use of content, it doesn’t become knowledge.
    • See the result you want to happen.

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