George Briones is a former Marine Special Forces operator who now provides elite-level training for endurance athletes, weightlifters, and adrenaline junkies all over the world.
If you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, hard-charger, or anywhere close to a Type A personality, this conversation about the struggle to find balance with our purpose, drive, and chasing dreams, while paying attention to recovery and relationships is for you.
George candidly talks about his struggles transitioning out of the military, the lessons he learned and how those experiences have made him a better coach for his athletes – and a better human.
We also talk about his experiment with polyphasic sleep, ditching the traditional 7-9 hour sleep period in favor of multiple shorter sleep phases throughout the day – a method used by geniuses like Tesla, Da Vinci, Churchill, Napoleon, and Edison to increase productivity.

What You’ll Hear From George Briones on the Better Human Project:

  • The tough transitions in life, finding balance with purpose, relationships, and career.
  • George talks about the critical moments that snapped him out of his funk and unhealthy lifestyle. 
  • Why we should wake up every morning like we’re trying to work our way up to the top. 
  • “Human beings are put on this earth to help push each other to become better.”
  • Why George says we should get comfortable being uncomfortable and work to put yourself out of a job. 
  • Sleeping like Einstein: George’s polyphasic sleeping experiment, his pre/post bed routine and how he uses
  • The 3 H’s to measure and monitor progress. 
  • George’s tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter:
    • Be kind, smile at everyone you see and ask someone if they need help. 

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