What do the Runner’s high, suspension of self, LuLuLemon, the neurochemistry of flow states and the Artist’s Journey have in common?

TUNE IN and you’re about to find out!

This seed for this episode was planted when LuLu Lemon founder Chip Wilson wrote the following statement: “the runners high hits after 35 minutes of sustained elevated heart rate and in this state we are present and somehow our past is no longer dictating our conscious thought or even subconscious thought.”

In this BHP Short, we’re digging deeper on:

  • Flow states, heightened awareness and performance
  • How physical activity alters our brains in the moment and long-term
  • What happens to our thoughts during physical activity
  • And how we can use these physiological states to create our best work and best lives

We’re going pretty deep on the science, so bring your pocket protector and let’s talk mental and physical performance!

PRESS PLAY to tune in.

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