“The lowest form of conversation is ‘remember when’.” – Tony Soprano

As you can tell by the title of this episode, today’s BHP Short pulls a valuable lesson from Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days, an iconic song we mistakenly regard as a party anthem at cookouts, tailgates, and other celebrations.

By engaging in this folly, we miss the cautionary message buried in the upbeat, hard-rocking music of this 80’s anthem.

The truth is, this song isn’t about the good times. Instead, Glory Days is about the passage of time, and how, as more time passes, more of our lives lie behind us.

And for the average person – the characters IN the song and many of the people jamming to that song at a tailgate – their best days are behind them.

My wish for – and challenge to – you is to commit to a life path that ensures your best days lie ahead of you, not behind you.

How sad, frustrating, even depressing it must be to realize that we’ve peaked, and that our best days are behind us.

This is the reality that awaits those who do not choose the path of growth and development. In choosing that path, our Glory Days sadly become a thing of the past.

No wonder the character in this song is headed down to his local watering hole to drink himself into blissful oblivion.

Alternatively, when we choose to pursue constant growth and evolution, our best days are always ahead of us.

May your Glory Days lie in front of, not behind you.

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