Properly introducing Greg Amundson requires a mental gymnastics effort that parallels the physical prowess one might expect from a founding athlete of CrossFit who’s performances garnered him the nickname firebreather.

On the surface, the ex- DEA Special Agent is one of the founding athletes of Crossfit, owner of Crossfit Amundson, an international speaker and the successful author of Firebreather Fitness, The Warrior and The Monk, and several other titles.

Beyond the resume exists an extremely caring, energetic human full of passion for life and all of it’s possibilities.

We had the good fortune of spending a few hours with Greg in the Better Human Project RV outside of his gym in Santa Cruz, California before another lung scorching hour inside his gym getting a taste of what it’s like to be a firebreather.

In this memorable conversation, Greg covers some soul igniting and thought-provoking topics like:

  • Fasting – not just dietary
  • Seeking crucible moments, challenging our minds and bodies
  • Finding the rhythm of life
  • The power of first words
  • The importance of our own spiritual practice
  • The two types of pain in the world
  • And the power of discipline

Enjoy this episode.

Show Notes Ep. 28 – The Warrior and The Monk with Greg Amundson

  • What it takes to be a Firebreather (not what you think) (4:45)
  • The growth of CrossFit and its transformation into a global sport: Mind, body and spirit PLUS how your level of fitness allows you to have an additional weapon you can employ against your opponent. (6:30)
  • There are two types of pain in this world: We have the CHOICE which type of pain it will be: The short term pain of discipline or the long term pain of regret. (10:40)
  • Actionable tools to build discipline in our lives (13:30)
  • Greg’s new book The Warrior and The Monk and where the idea came from. (14:50)
  • Why we should actively seek growth and have mentors. (17:15)
  • Giving advice is IS NOT the same thing as listening. (21:00)
  • How to identify the rhythm of life.
    • His creative process and where Greg goes to learn (25:50)
  • Why Greg says we should all have a spiritual practice. (28:50)
  • How to be more mindful of our spoken words through the practice of first words. (30:40)
  • Why subjection to a crucible-like moment, or test (like SEALFIT’s Kokoro), is paramount if you want to grow. (34:40)
  • Why Greg has chosen to go to seminary school (40:05)
  • The importance of fasting from any form of impurity – not just dietary (42:24)
  • Greg breaks down one of the original CrossFit workouts and offers the CHALLENGE to do yourself and post your time. (46:02)
  • Greg’s Tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human being: (54:25)
    • Have to develop PERSONAL relationship with God.
    • How you have to MASTER yourself first, before you can SERVE.

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