In 1975 Kodak invented, and patented, the very technology that would eventually put them out of business – the digital camera.

Despite their invention of advanced technology, Kodak bet on a future that resembled the past by doubling down on film and ink rather than adapting their business model to accommodate this new technology.

This was a fatal decision. They filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

Kodak could’ve been the leader, the largest player in the world in digital photography… instead, they’re as obsolete as the dinosaurs.

Today’s lesson on the BHP Shorts is simple: when we stop growing and evolving, we start dying.

He not busy being born is busy dying.

This quote from Nobel prize winning poet Bob Dylan sums it up perfectly.

The universal arc of life bears witness to the fact the beginning of an organism’s decline coincides with the end of it’s growth. Grow or die.

The thought exercise, should you choose to accept: In what areas of your life have you stopped growing? How can you continue to develop in those (all) areas? How can you make yourself your resilient? More benefited by changing nature of the universe.

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