Today, I’m going to share a little bit of WHAT I eat and WHY. You’re about to get a sneak peak into my pantry!

Coconut Oil is one of my favorite foods. It tastes great, AND it’s good for you! It’s a “Win-Win”. I ALWAYS have a jar in the pantry, as I use it daily. 

As an oil, it is a fat source – so I add it to meals where I want some healthy fats. But coconut oil is different from other oils. 

You see, coconut oil is nearly solid at room temperature. This is due to the TYPE of fats in the oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCT. You may recognize these MCTs from my post on the greatest pre-workout shake ever, where I told you they can actually promote fat burning in the body.

It’s true, MCT’s are digested differently and more rapidly than larger fatty acids and they “switch” the body into burning fat for fuel. When consumed in the right amount, at the right time, this can lead to incredible results in the fat loss department!

Coconut Oil is also listed as one of the “150 Healthiest Foods On Earth” by Jonny Bowden in his best-selling book of the same title. 

In the passage for coconut oil, he notes the following: 

  1. The high smoke point (450 degrees F) makes it great for cooking as it does not oxidize like other oils with a lower smoke point.
  2. Lauric acid, the predominant MCT in coconut oil has been shown in countless studies to be antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral.
  3. Many naturopathic Doctors claim the MCTs found in coconut oil can inactivate at least a dozen pathogenic viruses along with several bacterial infections.
  4. Folk remedies use coconut oil to treat over 35 ailments from abcesses to wounds. 
**These are claims, and the FDA requires that I say this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment**
But I like to know my food COULD be working for me, rather than against me! 

Coconut Oil Uses

  1. My favorite use – in my morning coffee! I alternate between coconut oil and grass-fed butter in my coffee with Stevia and sometime whey protein (for pre-workout times).
  2. Cook with it – I always use it to cook my eggs – nonstick and great flavor. You can also use it for cooking chicken, beef, or bison on the stove top.
  3. Melt it over steaming hot veggies like broccoli, asparagus, or brussel sprouts.
  4. It works very well in “healthy” cookie, cake, bread, or other sweet treat recipes.
Yes coconut oil is a source of saturated fats. But the bad publicity and public scare on coconut oil come from cheap, highly refined, hydrogenated products that produce the inferior and health threatening trans fat. It is CRUCIAL that you avoid refined coconut oils.
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Bowden, J. “The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth”. 300.


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