Want more peace, love, beauty, and fulfillment if your life?

I’m willing to bet, it’s already there.

We just need to look for it.

We see what we want to see.

Our biology is wired for survival, and this means we’re wired to see what’s wrong. For millennia, seeing what was wrong – the threats that could end our lives – kept us alive.

If you’re reading this, chance are, your life is not in immediate danger.

By training ourselves to overcome our biological wiring, to instead look for (and appreciate) the peace, love and beauty that is all around us, we’ll get progressively better at spotting it.

Once we’re aware of and grateful for what we have, THEN, we can create more of these moments.


Keep a daily PLBF (Peace, Love, Beauty, and Fulfillment) journey.

Each day (it doesn’t what time, just do it) write down:

  1. One moment of peace
  2. One moment of love
  3. One moment of beauty, and
  4. One moment of fulfillment.

Do this for a few weeks and you’ll be surprised at how full your life already is.

Keep doing this and you’ll be amazed at how full your heart becomes.

Keep focusing on and creating meaningful moments that fill your heart and soul.

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