Last week, I told you that I don’t eat breakfast.

I knew this would create a reaction, but WOW. The response was HUGE and everyone who tried it LOVED it as much as I do. (If you missed this epic post, click the link above to check it out.)

I got a lot of questions, so today we’re doing FAQ on skipping breakfast.  If you have a question that doesn’t get answered, post it in the comments below.

Here we go:

Q: Will I lose muscle?

A: NO.

Ok, I’ll elaborate. While cortisol may be a catabolic stress hormone, the hormonal cascade that follows when we skip breakfast becomes quite favorable for those who seek a lean, rock-solid, muscular body. Growth hormone, as discussed in the first post (HERE), is muscle sparing. In fact, the combination of glucagon, ghrelin, and growth hormone promote the release of stored fatty acids and their use for fuel. Since your body is tapping this fuel source, you have fears of your body tapping into your had earned muscle for fuel.

Q: How will I have energy in the morning if I’m not eating?

A: Remember the rise in cortisol we discussed? Cortisol peaks around 6-8AM and it’s main purpose is to rouse you from sleep and propel you into your day. Remember too, that cortisol is the stress hormone, so these elevated levels are like a mini-shot of adrenaline to start your day.

Provided that you get adequate sleep, and that you ate an appropriate amount of nutrient-dense food the previous day, you’ll have plenty of energy for the morning.

And there’s always coffee! Seriously, having coffee about 30-60 minutes after waking will help enhance the effects of skipping breakfast. As outlined in the previous post (HERE), you should use stevia and avoid other sugars or sweeteners that elevate insulin, while combining a SMALL (1-3g) amount of grass-fed butter or unrefined coconut oil in this drink.

Q: So does this mean I can’t eat until 12PM?

A: NO. “Skipping breakfast” does not mean “no food until ‘lunch’ time”. We’re not talking about fasting – YET. We’re talking about pushing your first meal of the day back 3-4 hours. If that’s too tall a task, start by delaying that first meal 1-2 hours and gradually build up to 3-4 hours.

So if you wake up at 5AM like some of my clients, you can have your first meal around 8-9AM. Still earlier than some others roll out of bed, but it’s 3-4 hours after THEIR body woke up.

Q: How many days per week do I do this?

A: I do this everyday. This is not a “trick”, a fad, or some gimmick. This is simply planning my actions and food intake around the natural environment that exists inside my body every single day. You can choose to take advantage of this or you can decide eating breakfast works better for you. You can alternate back and forth. You can do it only on weekends. You can (AND SHOULD) do whatever works for you.


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Let’s clear up all the confusion – post your questions below!


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