In the last BHP of 2019, we’re talking:

  • Insight over information
  • A surprising revelation (to most) about leadership
  • Putting a bow on this amazing year
  • And updating you on things to come in 2020 (new book, new events, and more!)

TUNE IN for the leadership lesson and all the details. Here’s a hint: leadership is more about WHO WE ARE than what we say or how we say it. Lead yourself first, and lead always.

Coming in 2020:

  • For The BHP:
    • More interviews with people making a dent in the Universe
    • More BHP Shorts
    • What guests or topics would you like to hear? Email me here
  • A New Book w/ my mentor and friend Paul Reddick – stay tuned for updates!
  • More seminars, workshops and events, including collaborations with:
    • Paul Reddick: There is Not Better Than Here: Focus, Clarity, and Purpose for Entrepreneurs (Event will be open to public & held May 15-17th 2020)
    • George Ryan: Performance and Recovery for the Tactical Operator
    • Rick Alexander: Answering The Call – A Mental Health Focus For Military Personnel
    • Mike Lum: High Performance for Backcountry Hunting/Becoming The Apex Predator (Public event in Bozeman, MT, dates TBA)
    • Better Human Workshops: To host a Better Human Workshop (or any of these other events!) email me here

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