Jason Redman is a retired Navy SEAL, and the author of one of my favorite books, The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader.

The book is an incredible study in leadership and accountability, but also tells Jason’s gripping story of surviving a firefight in which he was shot 7 time by an enemy machine gun, including one that entered his face, shattered his jaw, and exited through his nose.

Fast forward a few dozen surgeries, the founding of his clothing company, Wounded Wear, the publishing of his book, and Jay is still leading – by writing, speaking, and helping other wounded veterans through his Overcome Academy.

I’ve had the great pleasure to connect with Jay recently and a few weeks ago we sat down in his home in Virginia Beach to record this conversation about Jay’s two favorite topics: overcoming and leading always.

This episode is laced with gems on self-deception, the ego, leadership, parenting, overcoming adversity and much more. I know you’ll enjoy this one. Let me know your biggest takeaways from Jay.

Show Notes

  • Self deception is a dangerous road to go down. Fully owning your mistakes is the only path to moving forward.
  • Others won’t follow you as a leader unless they see you can lead yourself.
  • Effective leadership is built on experience and credibility.
  • No leader ever feels satisfied with the knowledge they hold. This is the shadow/burden of leaders
  • Jason’s advice to those who put success over the needs of their family: “from a guy who laid there dying, you don’t think about any of that other stuff. You think about your family.”
  • Parenting and leadership advice: Know when to bite your tongue. Getting it right vs. being right
  • Pace yourself through life. Keep some energy in the tank to be prepared for what Jay calls a “life ambush.” A moment that alters the trajectory of your life.
  • Will you be ready?
  • Write your mission statement. Use it to drive your actions. If you died today would people talk about you doing the things on your mission statement?
  • The Pentagon of Performance:
    • Physical Leadership
    • Mental Leadership
    • Emotional Leadership
    • Social Leadership
    • Spiritual Leadership
  • Lead Always and Overcome all
    • Leadership
      • Lead yourself
      • Lead others
      • Lead always
    • Overcome Mindset
      • Don’t quit
      • Don’t mentally quit
  • Push yourself into discomfort. Without that experience, when you become uncomfortable, you’re less prepared to overcome obstacles.
  • Don’t be a sore loser. Give your all, at all times, and there’s nothing to be sore about.
  • Train for the unexpected/ the next worse is always worse than the last
  • Be Better Do Better: Lead always and overcome all

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