Jay Ferruggia is the OG of the strength and fitness industry.

The host of the Renegade Strength show, Jay joins us to share his 25+ years of experience, and spit the uncensored truth on what it takes to build a strong body, unbeatable mind, and epic life.

Jay has been featured on ESPN and CBS, is a consultant for MLB, NFL, and WWE athletes, and wrote The Hardgainer Column for 10 years in Men’s Fitness Magazine.

If you’re afraid of hard truths, growth, and/or carbs, this probably isn’t the show for you – or maybe it SHOULD BE 😉

What You’ll Hear:

  • Why Jay and his wife left California to move across the country – again!
  • The importance of socializing and our social circles
  • How Jay builds an epic friend group
  • Fitness info:
    • Lift less & eat more
    • Learning to take days off/prioritizing rest
    • Why Jay says we should be pounding carbs – especially if you’ve been fasting &/or eating keto for years 😮
    • How to get stronger without destroying your joints (HINT: exercise order matters)
    • Total cost accounting: evaluating the biological cost of your training
    • Every rep should be rehabilitative
    • Rapid Fire on industry trends
  • And much more…

PRESS PLAY to TUNE IN to this great episode.

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