Ever heard of group fitness?

How about “underground” or warehouse-style gyms and unconventional training tools like tires, sledgehammers and ropes?

You can thank today’s Better Human Project guest, Jay Ferruggia for being the first to switch from 1:1 personal training to the small group model and one of the first to popularize the warehouse style gym.

Forget about sets, reps, and exercises – Jay transformed the way we think about and DO fitness.

A true innovator, Jay has been a leader in the health and fitness industry for almost a quarter of a century, and today we talk about longevity, community, connection, being relentless, and making your mark on the world.


Show Notes Ep. 26 – How to Build Relationships, Be Relentless with the Super Connector Jay Ferruggia

  • From minimal equipment in a basement to unconventional tools up on the beach, Jay explains the evolution of his training business and why it grew so fast. (4:30)
  • How he broke the mold of the 1 on 1 model and was the INNOVATOR of group training. (8:40)
  • Creating your own opportunities. and the the secrets to longevity in your professional career path. (11:24)
  • Jay’s mantra & forearm tattoo: be RELENTLESS. (15:20)
  • How your environment triggers behaviors (18:19)
  • Why the company you keep is everything and the powerful mindset switch from “What can I get to what can I give?” (25:00)
  • How to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS skills for success in life and business. (28:50)
  • Why you should tell yourself a different story to spark change in your life. (34:30)
  • Where does Jay’s desire to help and serve come from? (37:08)
  • The power of live events, connections and being pushed out of your comfort zones. (39:38)
  • Tips from Jay to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as humans: (43:50)
    • People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
    • Make one person feel better on a daily basis.
  • Why you shouldn’t confuse achievement or success with fulfillment. (46:08)
  • How to be brutally honest with yourself by asking “What fills your cup?“. (49:50)

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