Jay Scott is an Outfitter, Real Estate Investor and host of the #1 Western Hunting and Fishing podcast, The Jay Scott Outdoors podcast.

Jay has been a professional hunting guide for 26 years, helping clients pursue deer, elk, sheep, and turkey in Mexico, as well as Colorado, Arizona, and just about every other state in the American west.

While Jay is an amazing wealth of knowledge in the hunting and fishing worlds, our focus for this conversation is more on lifestyle design, networking, and finding unique ways to build (read: finance) the life we want for ourselves.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Building trust and playing the long game
  • Getting started in real estate and how to find great deals
  • How to own multiple homes and spend months at a time living where you want, doing what you want
  • The “secret” of “figuring it out by doing”
  • Is it smart to narrow our focus and become the very best at ONE thing?
  • The statement that changed Jay’s business career forever
  • How to create value (WINS) for everyone involved
  • Jay’s #1 tip to:
    • Be Better
    • Do Better

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