I’m lucky to call this man a friend.
Jeff Nichols is one of the smartest and most thoughtful humans with whom I’ve had the pleasure to converse.
Jeff is an exercise physiologist who has worked in the Human Performance Department for Naval Special Warfare, and is sought out by NFL and NBA teams as well as professional fighters.
He’s also worked with top neuroscientists to use float tanks to help treat concussion symptoms.
Those topics are woven into the discussion, but this conversation is unique, as it is the first time he’s openly discussed his personal journey of transformation over the last 12 months.
While Jeff’s military career (retired Navy SEAL with double-digit combat deployments) obviously required bravery, vulnerability, and trust this is a different kind of bravery and vulnerability. This is about looking inward, revealing our flaws and doing the work we all must face in order to continue to grow and evolve.
Much respect and many thanks to Jeff.

Show Notes Ep. 24 – Jeff Nichols

  • We all have the capability to acquire great skills, but we need to focus on what goes on behind the curtains. (6:32)
  • Why foundational knowledge must be in place before we can believe in the process. The importance of being unconsciously competent. (11:03)
  • The importance of float tanks for overall wellness and how to go in with ZERO expectations. (15:12)
  • The power of having empathy and compassion for yourself and loved ones to create BALANCE in your life – and the moments that spurred Jeff’s transformation. (22:00)
  • The necessary steps to take to create your HAPPIEST life and FIND what you are truly capable of. (29:00)
  • The stigma of mental health and stereotypes attributed to it. (37:20)
  • How Jeff began using psilocybin and cannabis to heal his emotional trauma. (41:17)
  • Using cannabis as a TOOL and not RELY on it. (52:20)
  • The role media plays when it comes how we consume our information. Beware the “echo chambers” (58:00)
  • How to DO the right thing and clean up your own house to be there for other people. (1:09:00)
  • Jeff’s Tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter: (1:15:30)
    • Be precise with your language.
    • Find something you are passionate about and DO IT.

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