Jennifer Martineau is an author, researcher, executive leader, TEDx speaker, women’s leadership coach, facilitator, and consultant with a focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity.

This is a fantastic conversation that covers leadership in ways rarely discussed – a must listen for anyone striving to become a better leader or human.

Just take a look at the keywords that popped up from the transcription of Jennifer’s audio: leadership, women, organizational development, feedback, simulation, weak signals, behaviors, culture, barriers…

What you’ll hear:

  • The value of feedback – AND how to create feedback rich environments
  • How to improve awareness by looking for “weak signals”
  • The Situation --> Behavior --> Impact cycle
  • A proven blueprint for behavior change at organizational, and individual, levels
  • Why men and women build networks differently
  • Jennifer’s #1 Tip for women to Kick Some Glass & break barriers at work
  • The responsibilities men and organizations have in facilitating change and removing barriers
  • Powerful questions we need to ask ourselves: “Who do your requirements exclude?”
  • Jennifer Martineau’s Top Tips to
    • BE Better
    • DO Better

PRESS PLAY to TUNE IN to this great episode.

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