Like his chosen sport of pugilism – and the name of his boxing studio – Joe Buckner is beautifully savage.

He’s also the first podcast guest to make me cry during our interview.

It’s not all tears – this episode covers the full spectrum of emotions, from tears to laughter and everything in between.

Now a Fort Collins, Colorado community leader and successful entreprenuer, Joe Buckner learned firsthand how the wrong decisions can derail our lives and negatively impact those we care about most.

He also learned the power of forgiveness and second chances.

From four-time felon to TEDx speaker, leader, and mentor, this is Joe’s story of adversity, perseverance, growth, and evolution. Tune in to get tuned up.

Show Notes Ep. 37 – The Beautiful Savage, Joe Buckner

  • What “being a good human” means to Joe Buckner (2:10)
  • How one lunch break changed the trajectory of his life. (6:03)
  • The moment it all came crumbling down. (12:32)
  • Are our sins ever truly forgiven by society? Our peers? (15:40)
  • Why Joe actually wanted to STAY in jail. (21:00)
  • Recidivism: How can we fix a broken system & improve re-incarceration rates? (27:06)
  • The way you show up tells someone how serious you are an opportunity. (33:58)
  • How the philosophy: “first one, last one” almost always guarantees progression. (38:50)
  • We are responsible for creating our own opportunities (42:47)
  • Can fighting solve everything? The parallels between boxing and life. (50:35)
  • Never giving about is about constantly putting one foot in front of the other. (52:18)
  • Why you must do what you love. (55:53)
  • What it really means to be a leader (59:08)
  • The best advice Joe has ever been given (1:00:34)
  • #1 Tip to #BeBetter as a human and #DoBetter for others: (1:02:28)
    • Learn to love the shit out yourself
    • Have for empathy for others

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