During his distinguished 26-year military career, John Barklow was the lead instructor at the Navy SEAL’s cold weather training facility in Kodiak, Alaska.

Now he’s the head of product for the big game hunting division of Sitka, one of the largest technical clothing companies in the world.

For over two decades John has:

  • Taught the skills & mindset required to live in remote wilderness
  • Trained Search & Rescue teams and Special Operations units how to thrive in dynamic mountain environments
  • Developed clothing & equipment systems for the military & hunting industries
  • Hunted, skied & climbed in some of the most remote places around the world

In short, a conversation with John is an amazing opportunity to absorb knowledge of all things mindset, leadership, communication, and performance.

This podcast with John was so loaded with valuable lessons, including:

  • The importance of letting the young guys jump, and get reps
  • Why we should all train our replacements – and why most people are scared to do this
  • Earn your Right To Be There
  • Passion = Prerequisite for Culture
  • Communication tips:
    • What do they need to know?
    • Evolve the Message to the audience
  • Leadership Lessons:
    • Invest the time up front – always worth it in the long run
    • Mission Before Self
  • Yesterday doesn’t matter – what matters is what you do today
  • John Barklow’s Top Tips to
    • BE Better
    • DO Better

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