Josh Duntz is a Special Operations veteran, co-founder of Stasis High Performance currently working with Active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families to equip them with tools and strategies to manage stress and fatigue in healthy ways.

In this episode we talk about how Josh found himself working as an Explosive Ordnance Device (EOD) technician, how his military career introduced him to the importance of communication, leadership, adaptability, stress management and recovery modalities – and of course, we discuss several ways to employ these strategies to drive high performance in our own daily lives.

In This Episode:

  • Military & EOD origins: How Josh became the guy in the bomb suit (but not really!)
  • Racism issues: why it’s different this time
    • Being a silent bystander is no longer acceptable
  • Talking leadership –
    • Go towards the problem
    • Why we all need friends who hold us accountable and call us out on our BS
  • Implementation & adversity
  • Not judging our failed hypotheses
  • Using cold exposure to reduce stress, boost mood, HRV, performance and more
  • The Stasis High Performance story
    • The first direct to consumer cold tub that sanitizes water and keeps it cold…
    • Applying the Bird scooter business model to cold tubs
    • A second pivot to a third business model
      • Breathe work and exposure program:
      • 15 vets + 15 spouses in a stress management program
        • Increase HRV, improve sleep, reduce stress
  • The power of breathe: Biochemistry, biomechanics and respiratory rate
  • How exposure to adversity can make us better: Hard times breed hard people
    • Adaptability is crucial for resiliency and long term success
  • Josh’s #1 Tip to:
    • BE Better
    • DO Better


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