It’s no secret that our disciplines, habits and systems create comfort zones that can serve us well. But the lesser acknowledged shadow of these disciplines and systems is that they can also restrict our growth.

In this episode with Kate Swoboda, author of The Courage Habit, we take a closer look at how we can increase our awareness of these patterns of both thought and action, and make sure they serve us rather than limit or hold us back.

We’re talking about the stories we craft, the narratives we tell ourselves, our inner critic(s), our mental reps, why we torment ourselves so, and how we can overcome these self-sabotaging habits.

Show Notes w/ Kate Swoboda, author of The Courage Habit

  • Overcoming the stigma that fear is weakness
  • Our own best thinking got us here
  • The questions to ask and starting points to examine our limiting stories in an attempt to build behavioral and psychological resilience
  • How DHS: discipline, habits & systems create comfort zones
  • Behavioral habits vs strategic habits
  • How our desires for people pleasing and perfectionism can impact us
  • Fear-based thinking and behavioral patterns
  • 4 Research-backed ways to reprogram our subconscious patterns and beliefs:
    • Interrupt the voices
    • Somatic awareness
      • Accessing the body: screaming into a towel, mindfulness, conscious crying to get to clear mind
    • Listening without attachment
    • Creating community
  • Make it simple to make it accessible
  • The cycle of: Cue, Routine, Reward
  • Brain’s best attempt to feel better now
  • Short-term vs. Long game
  • You’re never going to stress-proof your life
  • We all get stuck in habitual behaviors that don’t serve our lives.

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