Kelepa Baybayan is a master navigator who leads the Hokule’a – a traditional Hawaiian sailing voyage around the world, using only the stars to navigate.

He is Hawaiian royalty in every sense of the word, and we had the incredible to sit down with him recently at Outdoor Retailer in Denver, Colorado.

He gave us a lesson in celestial navigation and Hawaiian culture all laced with literal and figurative lessons for navigating this journey we call life.

  • The storms will come: lower your sails and head right into the storm to minimize both the time in the storm and the amount it can push you off course
  • When you can’t see your desired destination, learn to use your surroundings to track your progress and stay on course
  • Systems create patterns, and patterns create processes.
  • We are more alike than we are different
  • Leaders must strike a balance that develops future leaders while simultaneously protecting the best interest of the current crew

This is a short but powerful episode of the Better Human Project. We can’t wait to hear your favorite lesson from Kelepa.

Show Notes Ep. 36 – Staying the Course with Kalepa Baybayan

  • Developing your own internal compass for direction, choices and decisions. (3:06)
  • Building educational programs that teach people to be more connected to their cultural heritage and nature. (4:44)
  • Learning to orient ourselves and navigate life without tools. (7:40)
  • The 3 things that are required to navigate the open seas – and life. (10:55)
  • Stars don’t lie. (16:00)
  • Tips to become a better interpreter of what you are seeing in the night sky. (17:05)
  • Storms and adversity will always arise, but why heading straight in, sails down will minimize the time that we are in them. (18:00)
  • “Systems create patterns and patterns create a process.” (22:37)
  • How knowledge becomes transferrable and training future generations. (23:45)
  • “We are more alike than we are different.” (25:30)
  • Tips from Kalepa to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human: (26:30)
    • Be a student for life.
    • Be a good teacher and allow people to find their own voice.
  • How mangers, parents, and coaches can find the balance between letting others make their own mistakes vs. protecting the rest the crew? (28:13)
  • The best advice Kelepa has been given? (29:02)

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