When it comes to mental toughness, Kiki Bosch is one of best.

Kiki will see your cold showers and ice baths, then raise you a bikini-clad meditation on an iceberg followed by a minutes-long free dive under that same iceberg.

On it’s own, that willingness to face the cold is enough to make her a mental fortitude ninja. But, obvious pun intended, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Kiki is also a sexual abuse survivor who is channeling her experience into positive lessons to help others learn to face their inner demons, trust, communicate, and connect with themselves and others. 

A Wim Hof Instructor, Kiki recently came to Virginia Beach where she led a workshop to teach the fundamentals of mindset, breathing and cold exposure, and then joined me for an incredible episode of the BHP.

We talked about free diving, the benefits of cold exposure – both psychological and physiological – Kiki’s harrowing story of sexual abuse, her near death experience in the water, and her upcoming trip to Everest, where she will free dive in glacial lakes at extreme altitude.

While people wish to climb Mt. Everest, Kiki and her team hope to shed light on the melting glaciers that are forming dangerous lakes at elevations higher than any previously discovered lakes. These glacial melts threaten the villages below and weaken the structural integrity of the ice & snow pack of the mountain, making climbing an even more dangerous trek than ever before. 

Sit back and enjoy this thrilling conversation that covers abuse, trauma, cold exposure, breathing, connection, trust, adventure, goodwill, and service to others.

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Better Human Project Show Notes Ep. 21 – Kiki Bosch

  • Why Kiki chose the sport of Free Diving. (7:25)
  • Making the transition from free diving in paradise to seeking the coldest waters on Earth and the viral video that put her on the map. (11:30)
  • The life changing sexual abuse Kiki experienced, the trauma and lessons that came from it. (14:21)
  • How the cold – and free diving – force meditation and led Kiki to finding compassion for herself. (19:20) 
  • The power of trust, teammates, and communication. (24:48)
  • “When you face the cold, you face yourself.” How the cold is a mirror to what you need in life. (27:07)
  • Practical tips to face the cold, improve focus, mindset and concentration. (31:55)
  • Some people want to climb Mt. Everest. Not Kiki. Kiki plans to free dive the lakes of Mt. Everest in an effort to raise awareness of the melting glaciers that threaten the mountain and the villagers who live there. (39:00)
  • Kiki’s scariest moments in the water, including the time she nearly drowned. (44:20)
  • Why it is sometime good to define ourselves through our personal worst (54:10)
  • Improve and grow through “Disturbing the Comfort + Comfort the Disturbed” (56:00)
  • Being ok with saying no. (59:04)
  • Tips from Kiki to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human being: (1:01:42)
    • Be compassionate to everyone you encounter
    • Be more aware of each other and space you hold for one another

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