Lauren Burgess is an ice climbing, ULTRA-running adventurer who also works as a writer and storyteller.

We caught up with Lauren a few weeks after her first Backyard ULTRA, an event in which she ran 100K by repeating 4.16 mile laps around her neighborhood for 15 consecutive hours during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Her love for pushing mental and physical limits through human powered adventures in nature fuses with her literary schooling and storytelling abilities for epic internal explorations about our search for meaning, self-discovery and growth.

In This Episode:

  • The parallels between entrepreneurship and physical adventures
  • How one moment of bravery (Lauren’s “Add To Cart” moment) can change the trajectory of our lives
  • Our propensity to seek approval and look for our identity in others – AND being brave enough to look internally instead
  • Don’t be basic… How the statement “Lauren, you’re so unoriginal.” sparked Lauren’s growth.
    • And an important point about being original for the sake of original versus being authentically you
  • The importance of self-reflection – and lowering the barrier of entry
  • When you’re climbing frozen waterfalls or solo in the mountains, you’re not bound by other people’s expectations
  • Knowing the bigger picture, what we are passionate about, and seeking strength, identity, & self-worth
  • The snack or phone as immediate and satisfying distractions – awareness and conscious choice – AT ALL TIMES!
  • Lauren’s advice for someone who wants to get out more, or maybe someone who loves hiking but wants to push their boundaries a little further?
    • “You don’t have to be skilled or bold [or even an influencer] just enthusiastic!”
    • Also, know your limits so you can live to explore/fight/do business another day


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