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Today’s guest is Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and he could be the next mayor [...]

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BHP 081: Angela Lauria | Building a $15M Business, Making Them Beg To Work For You, and Hiring Millennials

Dr. Angela Lauria is the author of Make Em Beg To Work To For You, [...]

BHP 078: George Briones | Resilience, Control and Respsonsibility

George Briones is a former Marine Special Forces operator who now provides elite-level training for [...]

BHP 077: Ryan Hall | Nutrition, Habits, and Consciousness

Ryan Hall is not your typical Nutritionist and this is not your average “two dudes [...]

BHP Shorts 075: Better Together | What We Can Do In Uncertain Times

Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Hate cannot exist in the presence of [...]

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Few people have impacted the musical industry as much as Rick Rubin over the last [...]

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This week’s BHP Short comes directly from your questions. One of our listeners, Melissa, asked [...]