Are we leading examined lives?

Dig deeper.

Ask the questions that aren’t being asked.

What isn’t being said? What are we overlooking? What is being assumed?

I’ll argue that, in most cases, we either don’t know what needs to be asked,
or we don’t want to know the answers.

Let’s be honest, looking deeper and asking the hard questions is not always convenient.
(Side note: despite the current direction of our society, convenience is not the ultimate prize.)

We may not like everything we uncover.

But these inquisitions are crucial steps if we are to continue to grow, progress, and develop.

All progress starts with the truth, and this discovery process, fueled by curiosity, leads to often overlooked information, deeper understanding, and unique insights that enable us to move forward in more ways than one.

The real reward of this practice is that begins to permeate every aspect of our lives.

Once we cultivate the ability to peel the layers of the onion, we develop the ability to get at the crux of any situation: social and environmental issues, politics, human nature, business, the internal philosophical questions, and just about anything else that we experience in this existence.

If you think about your interests, I’m willing to bet your curiosity has sparked you to dig deeper in some area of your life. I want to know where and how it has spurred growth for you.

I’ll go first.

For me it began with nutrition, then physical fitness. My quest to understand how the foods we eat and the demands we place upon our bodies can shape our physical, mental, and emotional health has led to a deeper quest to understand our minds, human nature, our interactions with ourselves and others, high performing individuals and organizations and leadership.

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