Like an alchemist who turns lead into gold, Logan Gelbrich is developing epic humans, leaders, and high performing organizations one strongman class at a time
Movement and fitness may be the vehicles for Logan’s work, but his true impact is much deeper and more significant
Everyone who meets Logan agrees – there is something special about him. He’s a rare breed, and it’s an honor to call Logan a friend and guest on the @the.betterhumanproject podcast
I realize I post and ask you to listen to our BHP’s every week. This is episode that everyone should listen to – not because it’s the next episode of “my podcast” – but because Logan is that damn good.
A few of my takeaways from this epic conversation:
  1. Deliberate practice and deep work
  2. The palm tree analogy: Mind the gap
  3. Go right —>
  4. Self respect > Selfless
  5. Seek disconfirming information
  6. Don’t tolerate in victory what you would not tolerate in defeat. (Focus on actions and processes, not results)

Show Notes Ep. 27 – Go Right with Logan Gelbrich

  • We’re all seeking our own truth (3:30)
  • The palm tree analogy that will change your perspective on PEAK PERFORMANCE, DELIBERATE PRACTICE, and CLOSING THE GAP. (5:50)
  • Why our culture is only interested in “Confirming Information.” (12:03)
  • What drives us to stray away from our STANDARD DEVIATION? Tips to avoid the negative feedback loop and “be on the losing team.” (16:48)
  • “We will not tolerate in victory that which we wouldn’t tolerate in defeat.” Focus on your actions, not the outcomes. (24:40)
  • Are you committed to playing follow the leader or are you capable of more? How to make decisions THAT SERVE YOU. (27:18)
  • How to take the parts of the dissatisfaction that serves us leave the parts that don’t serve us. (30:52)
  • Logan discusses his book Go Right, and The Dave Grohl model for success, commitment to deep work and how to overcome adversity. (35:15)
  • Why we are capable of so much more and how to be YOUR BEST SELF. (58:05)
  • Logan’s tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human: (1:04:42)
    • Seek out disconfirming information.
    • Why we need more self-reflecting people, not selfless people.
  • Logan gives Ryan some “disconfirming information.” (1:09:15)

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