Lucid Dreaming and Inception is real! These are the highlights from my interview w/ dream researcher Ryan Hurd & how YOU can start Lucid Dreaming.

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Turns out Leonardo DeCaprio and director Christopoher Nolan did their homework for the movie Inception. The movie is based on the practice of controling your dreams – and it’s called Lucid Dreaming. Here’s what dream researcher Ryan Hurd has to say:

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Meet Ryan Hurd – dream researcher, author and educator. Ryan was our guest on Episode 17 of the Optimal Performance Podcast.

The highlights:

  • Lucid dreaming is REAL – it’s what the movie Inception was based on and ANYONE can learn to control their dreams!
  • Our sleep patterns are divided into the first 4 hours and second 4 hours of sleep. He called these restore & integrate – with the second 4 (integrate) being the Lucid Dreaming hours.
  • The best way to get started – repeat the following: “I will remember my dreams tonight” before going to sleep. Keep a dream journal for a few weeks once you start recalling your dreams. 
  • You’ll need some reality checks – just like Leonardo DeCaprio’s “totem”, you’ll need ways to distinguish reality from the dream world – like looking a clocks, passing through doorways, and reading text. When you do this in dream state, they can be unrealistic (like 7:97 on on digital clock), so get in the habit of paying attention to them in the waking state.
  • For more – including the use of visualization like the kind Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger used to become champions, you’ll have to watch the whole interview (it’s worth it!) – CLICK BELOW!

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FULL VIDEO with links, resources & notes HERE


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