Named one of Billboard’s Top 40 under 40, Maria Egan is the President and Head of Creative at Pulse Records. The former Vice President of A & R at Columbia Records is an insightful leader and champion of the arts and creative process. 

In this episode of the Better Human Project, we chat with Maria about all things art, creativity, trend spotting, innovation, and leadership. Enjoy.

Show Notes

  • How music gave Maria a safe place in a complicated household growing up. (4:40)
  • Why Maria says NOT becoming a music snob helped her be a better music critic and talent scout. (6:00)
  • No limitations, positive discrimination, and women in executive positions. (8:20)
  • Be gender blind. Advice for young women – and men – wanting to be in executive positions. (11:48)
  • Why Maria left a label like Columbia to head up an Indie label: Her desire to be part of building something new and truly artist friendly and join a small boutique label. (15:02)
  •  How Maria’s process of seeing everyone’s unique strengths, understanding their personal goals enables her to see what others haven’t seen, and find missing perspectives that help her discover talented artists and hit songs and build amazing teams. (18:40)
  • How artists today can leverage new opportunities to engage a culture that behaves and consumes content in new ways (21:28)
  • Maria’s knack for finding fringe artists and bringing them into the main stream and her goal to bring patronage back into the music business. (24:55)
  • “Great art creates its own demand.” (29:40)
  • Maria’s Tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter:
    • Meditate, quiet down and tap you into your core values – Give it away. (31:25)

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