She’s summited Mt. Everest and stood atop our planet.

She’s been struck by lightning – and lived to tell the story.

Maria Granberg is a professional climber, author, and speaker, and we’re excited to have her on the Better Human Project podcast this week to talk about visualization, mental mastery, conquering fears (and Mt. Everest), inspiring and empowering others.

Show Notes Ep. 25 – Maria Granberg

  • The importance of visualization – and how to master it. (6:25)
  • Tools to overcome to negative self-talk. (9:50)
  • The fear of missing out and the battle she has struggled with her whole life. (12:40)
  • Balancing BIG goals, yet still enjoying the small things in life. Maria’s daily practices to ‘check herself’ each day? (19:15)
  • Life after Everest: Coping with life’s transitions, the afterglow of major events, and the fear of closing a chapter that has been open for so long. (27:43)
  • What it’s like to be STRUCK by LIGHTENING! (31:52)
  • Using our platforms as opportunities to do good for others. (Maria’s all-female expedition experience.) (37:00)
  • Maria’s definition of what a woman is. (42:45)
  • The power of giving back and empowering others. (47:40)
  • How to enjoy the journey. (55:45)
  • Tips from Maria to #BeBetter and #DoBetter: (58:38)
    • Embrace curiosity; always be prepared to redefine and rediscover yourself.
    • Try to be compassionate, look for ways to do things that you love and do for others

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