This week on the Better Human Project podcast, we’re talking to former Navy SEAL commander, SEALFIT founder, author and all around amazing human Mark Divine.

We sat down with Mark a few weeks ago at SEALFIT HQ in Carlsbad, CA between our stops in SD & LA to talk about Mark’s pillars for leadership, growth, overcoming adversity and of course, developing an unbeatable mind.

If you’ve read F*ck Your Feelings, you may remember my crucible experience at SEALFIT from the preface of the book. That was 2012, and Mark has had a major impact on my life, so it was really special to have the opportunity to sit down with him for this conversation.

Really excited to share this one with you. Check out the great stuff we cover:

Mark Divine | Episode #45 Show Notes

  • SEALFIT Crucible training mirrors Navy seal bootcamp to push you past your physical, emotional and spiritual limit. Utilizing teamwork, selflessness, teaching humility, and letting go of ego.
  • A lone wolf isn’t as strong a pack. Start from the WE and let WE drive how the I contributes in the most powerful way.
  • 2 ways Mark learned humility:
    • Long times spent in nature. Learn from the balance in our natural environment and respect your place in it.
    • Zen training. Rank doesn’t matter. Seniority demands respect for the knowledge they hold but doesn’t mean they are better than you. They rely on you as much as you rely on them
  • Hard makes us strong and easy makes us weak
  • A crucible event exposes you to an objective view of potential psychological and emotional ruts
  • America is trapped in ethnocentrism which makes us weak by not showing compassion for all humans
  • Unbeatable mind is trying to cultivate world centric way to honor our mother earth and take action to move society in a positive direction
  • Self mastery precedes service
  • Holographic leadership – knowing what role to take in your team and leading in all directions. Be clear with your objectives but humble enough to know you don’t have all the answers. Leave space to bring out the answers from your team.
  • Make your vision crystal clear to attract and retain the best individuals who align with your team. Vision is the spiritual and energetic force behind any organization.
  • Principles of an Unbeatable Organization:
    • Clear vision
    • Holographic leadership
    • Trust and Transparency
    • Skillful Communication
    • Truthfulness
    • Multiple Perspectives
    • Care and concern at a world centric level
  • Insight meditation can give you a witnessing perspective to your consciousness. Give yourself the space to find what your true feelings are about the direction of your life. Give yourself the time. This process isn’t fast or easy.
  • Feed the courage wolf in your heart. Starve the fear wolf in your head. Lead from the heart.
  • Kokoro – Connect your heart and mind
  • Big 4 skills to help maintain peak performance:
    • Control the breath (Box breathing)
    • Positivity (Tuned in to self reflection)
    • Connection with Imagery (Think outcomes)
    • Micro-task (Present in the moment)
  • After enlightenment you still have to take out the self trash. If you’re an asshole and meditate for 20 years you’ll still be an asshole without doing the work on yourself.
  • Busyness is a concept you can take control of with self mastery.
  • Be Better Do Better:
    • Slow the fuck down and work on yourself. Box breathing and spending time in silence are a great way to start.
    • Be clear about your vision and break it down into micro goals you can do all day everyday.  

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Burpees For Veterans

As you heard in the episode, Mark and his team have something really special going on this Veteran’s Day – Sunday November 11th. Some notes from Mark:

  • Our team is attempting to break the the world record for the most burpees by a mixed team in 24 hours.
  • We want to CRUSH the current record of 14,000 burpees by doing 22,000 burpees to raise awareness and funds for veterans with post-traumatic stress.
  • That’s 1,000 Burpees for each of the 22 veterans that take their lives daily due to post-traumatic stress.
  • My non-profit, The Courage Foundation, has a mission to change this by putting veterans with PTS through 18-month integrated training programs that foster post-traumatic growth.
  • There are 2 Ways that you can support us, and in typical SEALFIT style they are both fun
    • The first is to DONATE to Team Courage and cheer us on live.
    • The second is to JOIN IN, FUNDRAISE and do burpees with us individually or as a team over Veterans Day Weekend.
  • All the details are at – LINK IN SHOW NOTES
  • Mark and I hope you’ll join us to help veterans recover and thrive; all proceeds will go towards the cause. They fought for us. Now let’s fight for them together.