Mark Healey is a professional big waver surfer, spear fisherman and bowhunter. In this episode we examine Mark’s thoughts and routines in those moments of high pressure – the one’s where he’s teetering on the edge of control/panic to find out how he finds a way to perform under pressure.

We cover:

  • What it’s like to free dive with 100+ hammerheads at more than 100 feet deep
  • How to hold your breath underwater for 6 minutes!
  • Keeping the joy in your passion when it’s also your profession
  • Controlling your fear/panic response
  • Breathing to improve performance, slow heart rate, enhance focus, and more
  • Performing at your best when you’re at less than 100%
  • Procuring our own meat through spearfishing and bowhunting
  • And much more!

PRESS PLAY to TUNE IN for another great conversation about testing ourselves, pushing our limits, mindset strategies and amazing adventure!

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