Stuntman Mark Kubr says we need to “sit down, shut up, and listen.”

This mantra has served the Stunt Director for LA LA Land well, helping him succeed in a variety of pursuits; including modeling, magazine cover photographer, stuntman, and now the Stunt Coordinator for some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.

To hear Mark tell it, all of his success can be attributed to that mantra: shut our mouth, listen to what people are saying, and then serving their needs to the best of our ability.

Not only can this advice help be stellar humans, it just may enable our success in any endeavor. In this powerful episode of the Better Human Project, Mark discusses success, the importance of stewardship, listening, relationships, parenting and more.

Show NotesMastery, Listening and Stewardship with Mark Kubr

  • “You never know when freedom will be taken away from you.” Mark shares his family’s history and essential life skills he learned from his parents. (3:28)
  • How Mark’s unique eye as a photographer landed him magazine covers – and devastated one wedding party, causing him to quit shooting – he refuses to pick up a camera to this day. (6:18)
  • “Sit down, shut up and listen what people have to say.” The importance of listening to build success habits and be a better human being. (9:36)
  • “It’s breathtaking. We knew we were doing something special.” Mark describes the monumental task of coordinating the “freeway scene” from La La Land and how they pulled it off. (13:20)
  • “Communication is becoming a lost art.” Mark’s advice on mastering the people skills we need to be better in all aspects of our lives. (18:45)
  • When all the make-up comes off, you are just a human. The importance of acknowledging all people no matter their position or stature. (25:50)
  • How surfing enabled Mark to build confidence and self-esteem. (28:35)
  • The strategies he implemented to not let stress get the best of the cast during the filming of La La Land. (31:15)
  • How Mark’s surfing prowess led him to befriending – and living with – Eddie Van Halen. (34:15)
  • Tips to #BeBetter #DoBetter from Mark (38:25)

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