Mind Pump Media is one of the leading voices in raw, unfiltered, no-BS health and fitness information. They’re also incredibly savvy and successful businessmen.

In an industry rife with misleading information, ulterior motives, even outright deception, Mind Pump’s intentionally unfiltered – and unapologetic – approach resonates with an audience hungry for the truth.

In this episode of the Better Human Project, I sit down with the trio of Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews in Mind Pump’s San Jose, CA studio to find out how they’ve built such a massive media company in the last 3 years and what lesson other creators, leaders, and businesses can learn from their approach.

Show Notes: Mind Pump Media | Building a Business Empire

  • It starts with a vision – how Mind Pump predicted, then created their future.
  • Providing entertainment and education at the same time…How the guys filled a need in the health/fitness space that really took off.
  • YouTube = The biggest mistake Mind Pump made?
  • The Mind Pump Formula for unrivaled content creation.
  • Winning as a team. Don’t let emotions get in the way.
  • Mind Pump’s future…
  • Playing the game and standing out – How MP is able to succeed in a noisy, saturated market.
  • The bigger the trend is, the more exciting it is to talk about.
  • “A lot of people thinking what we are thinking, but not saying it.” Do not be afraid to call things (or people) out.
  • Be so good they can’t ignore you. Develop authority with integrity. How Mind Pump built an audience/community.
  • Just because you have followers, doesn’t mean it converts into dollars.
  • True net worth is your network. How Mind Pump cultivates relationships with each guest/influencer they have met and the impact on their businesses.
  • How social media is changing connection and interaction
  • The book that changed the game for Adam Schafer as a manager/leader
  • How can we be a Better Human? The guys share their tips:
    • Stop focusing on the things you are not good at and focus on the things that make you great.
    • Learn to love the process.
    • You can learn from anyone.
    • Self-awareness. Dive into state changes and unpack why something bothered you.
    • Being open minded. Listen with the understanding that you may be right or may be wrong.

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Mind Pump Media
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