Whether it’s in F*ck Your Feelings, a Better Human Workshop, a podcast or a keynote presentation, much of my guidance centers around helping us understand our minds so we can make better decisions and ultimately align our actions with our values, not our fleeting emotional states.

But one of the most common questions I get is something like this: “When you’re in the moment, how do you #FuckYourFeelings and act according to your values?”

While I prefer to focus on long-term solutions, like how awareness creates choice, cultivating this awareness, defining our values first so we have a filtering process, and several others…these require reflection, introspection, practice, and time.

They don’t always help RIGHT NOW – especially if we’re new to this type of work.

Perhaps the most immediately accessible tool is the question I’ll share with you on today’s BHP Short:

Can I live with this decision?

When my head is on the pillow at night, will this decision haunt me or will I sleep like a baby knowing I did the right thing?

How will this sit with me in the future?

When I look back on this moment, will I be proud of the choices I made or the way I handled myself?

This line of questioning removes us from the moment and allows us an opportunity to have an objective/witness perspective of ourselves and our options. We always have options.

This change in perspective reminds us that the moment is NOT YOU. The moment doesn’t have/OWN you. It’s just that – a moment you’re experiencing/going through. “Going through” – the very words remind us that it will pass…

We will be on the other side of this. We will have memories and knowledge of how we handled this.

Will we like who we we were and how we responded/behaved in this moment?

TUNE IN to today’s BHP Short for not one, but two stories of how I’ve used this mind game to remove myself from the emotions of the moment and make decisions that I’m proud of years later.

One of those stories is from SEALFIT in 2012, and the other in from my fitness modeling days in New York City back in 2008.

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