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Shhh, Just Watch!

My words can only decrease the effects of this gem. Enjoy! See you tomorrow with [...]

How To Be A Badass

We’ve all been there…sitting on the couch fully engrossed in the epic battle being played [...]

No Gym? No Excuse

The awesome spring weather this week has prompted me to move my clients outside and [...]

What’s Your Excuse?

This post doesn’t necessarily focus on athletic or strength pursuits. I’m going to rant for [...]

Your Hero Is Watching

When I first got serious about lifting and trying to be successful as a physique [...]

Good Reads

I know a lot of people like to read and play on the internet while [...]

Extraordinary Resolve

I received some life-changing news last week when I found out that my article submission [...]

Sum of 5

You are the sum of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. [...]

Comfort VS. Motivation

I have noticed a trend lately…the more comfortable a person is, the less motivated the [...]