Cris Edmonds is a long time friend, former training partner, and a fellow coach. We share similar mindsets and over the years, we’ve had hundreds of conversations about mental toughness, making dreams come true, hard work, and winning the daily battles with our minds.

I’m excited to share this episode with you, as one of Cris’s major talents is his ability to help his clients develop grit, mental toughness, and insane work ethic.

Cris is the lead coach at Mountain Dog Training, one of the industry leaders in bodybuilding and physique sports. In other words, Cris is one of the best physique coaches in the world – if you want to build muscle or lose fat, Cris is your guy.

He’s also unfiltered. So strap in for a wild one!

We cover:

  • Taking Instant action (younger people are better at this than adults!)
  • You’re in your own way
  • Excuses or results
  • “Don’t Be Pathetic”
  • Welcoming the work
  • People who have IT, and helping those don’t have it, develop it.
  • Real Impact – When the people you help, coach, or teach pass it on to others.
  • Knowing your clients: when you can push/scare them, when to use soft touch…
  • And much more!

PRESS PLAY to TUNE IN for another great conversation about pushing our limits, mindset strategies and how to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

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