“I want answers!”
“I want the truth.”
“You can’t handle the truth”
You want the harsh truth about self-evolution, change, and growth?
The truth is, it’s never the right time.
I was a personal trainer for 4 years before opening House Of Strength in 2012. HOS was open for another 4 years…
In 8 years, I sat down with over 5,000 consultations.
I had more than 5,000 conversation with people who were interested enough in changing their lives that they got in their cars, drove to where I was, and sat down with me to discuss their options.
I’d guess that 80% – 4,000 out of those 5,000 said they weren’t “ready”.
They needed to “get in shape” or “get their shit together” FIRST, then they could start the program.
As my friend Logan Gelbrich says, “getting healthy IS getting your shit together”
They’re not mutually exclusive pursuits. 
Doing the thing IS getting your act together.
Q: How do you eat an elephant?
A: One bite at a time.
Take Melissa for example…
Melissa was terrified.
She had seen our pictures online and wanted desperately to be a part of our special community. She wanted the camaraderie, health and results that she saw people getting.
But she let the fear of pain (tough workouts) hold her back.
She let the fear of the unknown delay her action.
Worst of all, she let that little voice in her head derail her.
You know that voice I’m talking about. We all have it. Our inner critic who says we can’t do it. The ones that says, you’re not good enough, pretty enough, or rich enough.
When we listen to that voice – like Melissa did – our frustrations mount. 
We end up getting worse. We rationalize with ourselves, saying “I’m not on my plan yet, so I’ll eat whatever I want until I get started. And I’ll eat like garbage too.”
This negative cycle perpetuates, build momentum, and makes it harder for us to take that first step in the right direction.
How did Melissa break the cycle, get started, and eventually Cross The Chasm?
She sent me a note saying she was interested but didn’t think she could do it.
She was honest. With herself. And with me. And she faced her fear head on.
Then she asked for help.
That was the moment she made it real.
Letting me know she was interested was the point of no going back.
With a little support from me, and our community, Melissa was able to quiet her inner critic enough (pro tip: we rarely erase that voice completely) to get started.
I won’t lie to you and say it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows from that point on.
This isn’t Hollywood. Life doesn’t work that way.
I remember multiple phone calls with Melissa crying and doubting herself along the way.
I remember many days where the workouts brought frustration, angst and tears.
But Melissa was committed to her own health, growth, and success.
She kept showing up. She kept eating like she cared about her health. She followed the action plan we laid out.
The result?
Melissa was the happiest she’d been in years.
She made some of the strongest friendships an adult can make.
She was also at her healthiest – both in terms of biometric data and in terms of emotional/spiritual wellbeing.
She was engaged, got married, and rocked her wedding dress.
Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.10.07 AM
The point is this: we’re never truly 100% ready for that first step.
If we wait for the day that we’re fully prepared, we’re likely to never start.
Start before you’re ready. Ignore the inner critic in your head, and instead follow that calling in your gut. That is your true self trying to be heard and realized.
Start before you’re ready.
The harsh reality is, we’re never “THERE”. 
The people who appear to be there simply started where they were, with what they had, showed up, did the work, and focused on progress – not perfection.
Do the best you can for your current level of development and continue to seek more knowledge, growth and progress.

Crossing The Chasm Action Steps:

  1. Listen to Your Gut Instincts – the thoughts that keep you up at night
  2. Ignore Your Inner Critic
  3. Ask For Help (or tell an accountability buddy what you’re doing)
  4. Start Before You’re Ready <<–CLICK HERE to Learn more



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