Father of three beautiful girls, thriving business owner, and Olympic Medalist Tony Jeffries is hell bent on leaving a lasting legacy of inspiring and helping others. His appearance on this week’s episode of the Better Human Project is no exception to those efforts.

Since this episode will appear here on the BHP and on Tony’s podcast, The Box N Life Podcast, we share the role of host in this free-flowing conversation about mindset, helping others, creating your legacy, the safety and future of boxing, succeeding in sport, life, and business and more.

I’m incredibly grateful to call Tony a friend and we’re excited to share this episode with you.

If you like this style and want more shows like this one, let us know by taking a screen shot, posting on social media and tagging @tony_jeffries, @ryanmunsey_ & @betterhumanproject.org_ We’ll pick 1 winner and hook you up with a signed copy of my book F*ck Your Feelings plus some Box N Burn apparel.

Show Notes: BHP 019 – Olympic Medalist Tony Jeffries

  • We all have the ability to find the information. Tools for success in life. (6:08)
  • Constantly seek to learn and expand your horizon. Why we earn our right to be alive through the ability to serve. (11:33)
  • Examine your legacy. Who would stand in the rain at your gravesite? (15:05)
  • It’s as simple as a smile. How to live a stronger, healthier life for every person you cross paths with.  (20:28)
  • The Law of Attraction. How your network is your net worth. (24:15)
  • There is no such thing as luck! The path to success and enjoying the little things in between. (27:32)
  • The pros/cons of Social Media, and setting a good example for your kids. (40:58)
  • The sad life of a professional boxer. (49:10)
  • Success principles for brain health in combat sports. (54:38)
  • Trends for business success through the ability to implement and communicate. (59:34)
  • The 3rd Party Principle. Tips to expand your network. (1:09:15)
  • “A year from now you wish you started today.” Tips to do the work and keep the right company around you. (1:12:24)
  • Tony’s #1 Tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter (1:22:36)
    • Don’t look for perfection
    • The power of giving to others. 

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